rozz3r – inSpiral (new album out now)


Dear blog, it’s been a while since my last confession… but you know, life… My new album, entitled inSpiral, is out now. It’s available from digital stores including iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon and others. inSpiral by rozz3r I thought it might be of interest to detail how the album was made. Anyone who follows my blog will know that I ... Read More »

Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 review


I love my job. For the past week I’ve been playing with Dave Smith’s new baby, the Pro 2. It comes a little more than a year after the mighty Prophet 12 and, so stylistically similar are they, you’d be forgiven for mistaking the two. Side by side they make quite a pair. The Pro 2 is a three and ... Read More »

Which Akai MPC should I buy?


There are a lot of Akai MPCs about. Not surprising since they’ve been in production since 1988. That’s 27 years and counting with many different models released along the way. A friend asked me which MPC he should get. He didn’t give much in the way of what he wanted to achieve with it, so I send a rambling reply, which ... Read More »

Arturia MicroBrute review


A fully featured analogue monosynth for £250. Ain’t that something? At that price it’s difficult to resist, so I took a punt and it’s been in the studio for a few months. Let’s take a look at the features. It’s a single oscillator (plus sub) capable of producing saw, pulse and triangle waveforms simultaneously. You can mix in varying amounts ... Read More »

256 new sounds for the Dave Smith Evolver


Boxed Ear (my commercial samples and synth sound company) have just released a brilliant sound set for the Dave Smith Instruments Evolver. It’s a fabulous sound set by ambient electronica noodlists, Two Quiet Suns. There’s 256 sounds in the set (two banks) and they’re packed with organic leads, vintage basses, luscious evolving pads and otherworldly atmospheres. Every patch is designed ... Read More »

Boxed Ear OSCar

Boxed Ear OSCar for Kontakt

Boxed Ear, my sideline in commercial sample packs, turned a year old this month and released it’s thirds product, OSCar for Kontakt. Unsurprisingly it’s a sample pack made with the famous OSC OSCar. It’s a unique and increasingly rare synth. The oscillator section is particularly interesting as it strays heavily into additive synthesis. Because it’s an early 80s digital oscillator ... Read More »

Abstract Data ADE-30 Wave Boss


I had the pleasure to beta test another of Abstract Data’s excellent Eurorack modules. The ADE-30 is a great utility module capable of a wide variety of things including attenuversion, VCA, CV bias, clipping, half wave rectification, wave-shaping and more. More info at Abstract Data’s website. Read More »

New rozz3r album: rarities


I’ve released a new album. I say “new”, it’s actually a collection of songs I wrote between 1996 and 2006, none of which have ever been released in any official capacity. It came about in an odd way. My wife was complaining that she could never listen to any of my songs and so I promised to make her a ... Read More »

Sequentix Cirklon review

Sequentix Cirklon

Like the P3 before it, the Sequentix Cirklon is a fairly niche piece of musical equipment. It’s a MIDI sequencer (with options to expand to CV outputs for modular / vintage connections). And that’s it. No sounds, no samples, no effects, no audio inputs or outputs. Just MIDI and CV. If you know anything about the Cirklon then you probably ... Read More »

Dave Smith Prophet 12 review


After it arrived one Wednesday morning mid April, the Prophet 12 sat boxed in the corner of my studio for the rest of the day taunting me whilst I finished my work. I would have got no work done for the rest of the day had I opened it there and then! That was one week ago and I have spent ... Read More »