Free samples – Hugh Tracey Treble Kalimba

Another little freebie for you all. My wife bought me this Hugh Tracey kalimba (African Thumb Piano) for my birthday a few months ago. It’s got a gorgeous tone.

So I’ve mic’d it up and multisampled it. My box was tuned to G, but I’ve spread the samples out over the natural range of the instrument so you get 2 full octaves.

Thanks Spe3D and dusted william for the soundfont conversions.

Download the Kalimba in Halion format (Halion 3.2.1 needed)
Download the Kalimba in Giga format
Download the Kalimba in Soundfont format
Download the Kalimba in MPC1000/2500 format


  1. Christian Bader

    You can read my thoughts!
    This is what I need for my kvr-contest submission.

    Thank you very much!

  2. mmm they will feed my Protoplasm…

  3. (likembe) in lingala dialect of d r congo,

    (sanzi) kikongo angolan dialect,

    as you know kalimba thumb piano

    i know this instrument since i was a child in africa, i can tune it and play, electrical or non electric, is fan to learn easy to understand it.

  4. You are a monster!

  5. Shall I reference you in my next KalimabMagic
    newsletter? Are you on the list?


  6. Many thanks for the samples/soundfont. You really made my day!


  7. Rory, thanks for making these. Any chance you could post these in Kontakt format of better yet just the plain wav files?

  8. Hi James,

    Plain WAV files can be found inside the Halion and MPC format downloads.

    – Rory

  9. Ah yes, I see that now. Many thanks, the samples sound lovely.

  10. Rory,
    Are there any restrictions on using these in a commercial release? I’d like to add a bit of them to my album project currently in the final stages.

  11. Hi James,

    No restrictions on using them in your productions at all. Enjoy :)

    – Rory

  12. beautifull sounds! Thankyou!

  13. Rozzer, these Kalimba sounds are better than the kit that comes with the Native Instruments Maschine–and that’s not knocking NI, either. I’ve downloaded this kit multiple times since 2007-8. Amazing sound quality–thank you!

  14. Thanks!
    I have a kalimba but only on penta mode and I’m sure your recording is better than mine (I use a bluebird plugged on an edirol UA101, no preamp)

    I’m looking at every page on this website, I really enjoy.

    Much respect

  15. Hey Rozzer, is this soundfont public domain?

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