Arturia MicroBrute review


A fully featured analogue monosynth for £250. Ain’t that something? At that price it’s difficult to resist, so I took a punt and it’s been in the studio for a …

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Sequentix Cirklon review

Sequentix Cirklon

Like the P3 before it, the Sequentix Cirklon is a fairly niche piece of musical equipment. It’s a MIDI sequencer (with options to expand to CV outputs for modular / …

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Dave Smith Prophet 12 review


Looking for more great Prophet 12 sounds? My P12 sound bank is now available through Boxed Ear. 99 beautiful electronica patches for your Prophet 12. I have spent the last week exploring every sonic meandering path I …

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Akai MPC 60 review


An MPC60 came up for sale round the corner from where I live. One thing lead to another and it’s now sitting at Rozzer HQ. You might know that I’ve …

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Kurzweil K2661 mini review


The Kurzweil K2661. Kurzweils are somewhat of an anomaly in the keyboard workstation world. Whilst other manufacturers bring out new and updated keyboards every couple of years, Kurzweil have pretty …

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1176 compressor clone review

This month has been quite fun for new gear. Apart from a Mackie Control and a Line 6 Variax 500, I’ve just taken delivery of this handbuilt Universal Audio 1176LN …

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