Live electronica: Dusk

rozz3r - Dusk

Dark and repetitive this one. Midas Venice F24 desk Sequentix Cirklon (sequencing) Akai MPC60 / Novation DrumStation (drums heavily processed through Sherman Filterbank) Korg MS20 (percussion sequence) Yamaha TX81Z (pads) …

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Live electronica: Ned Flangers

rozz3r - Ned Flangers

New studio jam featuring: New Midas Venice F24 desk (lovely!) Sequentix Cirklon (sequencing) Novation DrumStation (drums) Korg MS20 (bass and crazy techno sequence) Yamaha DX100 (pads) Yamaha TX81Z (lead) Eurorack …

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Abstract Data ADE-30 Wave Boss

Abstract Data ADE30

I had the pleasure to beta test another of Abstract Data’s excellent Eurorack modules. The ADE-30 is a great utility module capable of a wide variety of things including attenuversion, …

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Yamaha TG33 Demo

Yamaha TG33 demo

I made a little demo of the Yamaha TG33 FM / Waverom synthesizer. Unlike most of the TG33 demos I found on youtube, this one is definitely aimed at anyone …

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Circuit bent Realistic reverb

Realistic Reverb

Months ago, my good friend Oli from Groove Criminals sent me this rather charming circuit bent Realistic Reverb unit. I completely forgot to post it here, and it serves as …

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