Suzuki SX500 / Siel EX80 review

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A few weeks ago a friend gave me this curious looking box. A Suzuki synthesizer? Surely not. A google search turned up very little, except a page at Hollow Sun. Essentially the Suzuki SX500 is a rebadged Siel EX80 which in turn was a copy of the Korg EX800. Here’s what we know. There are two DCOs offering sawtooth and square waveforms (the square waveform can mix up to 4 octaves of square waves together). There is an analogue 24db Low Pass Filter (SSM Filter IC). Two amp envelopes (yes…read more

Ableton Live & Max For Live – Integrating hardware

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I’ve been spending some time recently creating Max For Live controllers for all my hardware. The beauty of this is you can program a dedicated editor, with patch browsing, in whatever configuration suits you and have all parameters available for automation within Live. It means you can forget about what midi controller number does what on your synth and concentrate on making music. Above, you can see my controller for the DSI Evolver. There’s a fair amount of controls here, oscillator functions, filters, envelopes and delays. All the knobs spit…read more

Advanced Step Sequencer – A Max For Live MIDI Sequencer

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My first little Max4Live project. A monophonic midi step sequencer. On the surface it’s reasonably standard. It’s a grid based sequencer – notes, gate, tie, velocity and two control changes. What’s unique about it is that you can set different loop points for each of those elements, which allows for anything from simple 303-style basslines to endlessly evolving, rotating, mutating melody lines.