Studio March 2013


I run a very minimal studio. I love hardware synths and effects but space, and budgetary restraints stop me from having every synth under the sun – I’m pretty sure that if I could I would! Having said that I think having a few well chosen pieces of equipment can really add value to your songs.

You can hear my music made in this studio over at bandcamp and youtube.

Synths & Drum Machines

  • Kurzweil PC3
  • Dave Smith Evolver Keyboard
  • Moog Little Phatty
  • Elektron Octatrack
  • Analogue Systems RS8000 modular synthesizer
  • Yamaha TG33
  • Suzuki SX500
  • Akai MPC60
  • Dave Smith Tempest
  • Korg ER1
  • Akai S5000
  • Yamaha TX81Z

Other stuff

  • Sountracs Topaz 24ch mixing desk
  • Sequentix Cirklon
  • Handmade UA 1176 stereo compressor clone
  • Kurzweil Mangler
  • Eventide Space
  • Eventide Timefactor
  • Alesis QuadraVerb Plus
  • Golden Age Pre-72 Mic Preamp
  • Rode NT2-A
  • Akai APC40


  1. The studio looks great and i love the layout of the equipment. It looks professional and is professional. Good luck.

  2. rozzer. você é simplesmente, maravilhoso!
    tem uma musicalidade fenomenal, sem falar no bom gosto.
    é o que o falta nos musicos Brasileiros, sua senssibilidade em trasformar classicos em em um som moderno sem perder a originalidade.gostaria de um dia ouvir, algo feito com musicas brasileiras.
    parabens e um grande abraço!

  3. Your studio is great, like your sound, keep up the good vibe!!

  4. baby,baby,baby…. saw your youtube video… monster dub…
    u must be a lucky man

    thank u


  5. boneration! love the new pic!! evolver keyboard over pc3 is such a good look!

  6. Looks awesome, I now have a strange urge to thump bobule

  7. That looks great! I would to a lot for that studio :) keep up the great music, I’d love to see you live once!

  8. Howdy! Just wondering, what audio interface do you use?

  9. Great setup. What racks do you use for the modular and the keyboards? The keyboard one looks like a Jaspers A frame but I’ve never seen the other one before and couldn’t find it by searching.

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