Live electronica: Dusk

Dark and repetitive this one. Midas Venice F24 deskSequentix Cirklon (sequencing)Akai MPC60 / Novation DrumStation (drums heavily processed through Sherman Filterbank)Korg MS20 (percussion sequence)Yamaha TX81Z (pads)Yamaha A5000 (drone bass originally from modular)Siel EX-80 (lead)Eurorack modular (hihats and randoms)Eventide Space (reverb)Eventide TimeFactor (delays)


No FFWD by rozz3r This EP is an experiment in productivity. Written over a month, the four songs (and one ambient drone) were all performed live and recorded straight to a cassette tape (with a broken Fast Forward). The idea was to remove the computer entirely from the creative process and it was pretty successful.… Read More No FFWD EP

256 new sounds for the Dave Smith Evolver

Boxed Ear (my commercial samples and synth sound company) have just released a brilliant sound set for the Dave Smith Instruments Evolver. It’s a fabulous sound set by ambient electronica noodlists, Two Quiet Suns. There’s 256 sounds in the set (two banks) and they’re packed with organic leads, vintage basses, luscious evolving pads and otherworldly… Read More 256 new sounds for the Dave Smith Evolver

Boxed Ear OSCar

Boxed Ear turned a year old this month and released it’s thirds product, OSCar for Kontakt. Unsurprisingly it’s a sample pack made with the famous OSC OSCar. It’s a unique and increasingly rare synth. The oscillator section is particularly interesting as it strays heavily into additive synthesis. Because it’s an early 80s digital oscillator it… Read More Boxed Ear OSCar