10 thoughts on “Evolver Cubase SX3 Midi Device Panel

  1. is this a sort of soft editor? when i install patch in cubase, thereis no result..no ok? what i have to do to use it with my evolver, please? thanks

  2. You need Cubase SX3 to use this. Use ‘Import Setup’ in the Midi Devices dialog. For how to use after import, consult ‘Midi Devices and Features’ in the SX3 manuals (it far to in depth for me to explain here!).

    Hope that helps….

  3. it s ok now! my problem was i didn t knew this function in cubase.thank you very much! it s very cool to control midi devices like my evolver!
    sorry for my english…Nico from france!

  4. Very nice editor but it seems cubase doesnt recognize midi input data from evolver, no programs list on cubase evolver midi track ….i use version 3 of evolver OS

    if you have any idea please say something!

    Thanks a lot

    1. Wheely – Yeah that would be nice huh. Unfortunately Max For Live doesn’t support sysex, hence the limited number of controls in the M4L control panel. Maybe one day.

  5. ah i see, ye i read that somewhere, what a shame… instead of using sysex, why cant u use some of the 16 midi channels to send cc? 128 params on channel 11, 128 on channel 12 etc etc?

    and chance of a trial of the patch u made? got a gig coming and would be handy. cheers.

  6. there is a new midiout object for M4L.
    A special one that doesn’t go through the the live midi out, but takes a shortcut straight to the midi device output (soundcard)

    just to give the heads up…

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