23 thoughts on “FXPansion BFD and BFX XFL Cubase Drum Maps

  1. Drum maps for BFD…result! I was about to create my own and youve saved me the time. Many thanks (Do you intend to create more maps for BFD add ons?

  2. Hi Maxx,

    I have no immediate plans to, but if I ever get any more expansion packs, I will certainly make maps for them.


  3. Maxx, I’ve downloaded the Cubase/BFD drum map thanks. However it’s a .rar file (I’m not sure what that is) and Cubase only seems to recognize .drm files. Can you tell me how to import it into Cubase?


  4. I’ve downloaded and installed your BFD drum maps into my Cubase. However when I choose any one of them, it immediately cuts off midi to the BFD program. I have checked every setting I can but cannot cure the problem. Any ideas?


  5. Adam – Do you have the correct output midi port assigned? It should be BFD Stereo or BFD Ultra or one of those. That’s the only thing I can think of.

  6. Adam here’s your cure….instead of loaading the bfd map just select on the “MAP” drop down menu to “no drum map selected”…..then just under that there is another drop down menu “names” put this one to BFD Map and you should be able to here BFD now…. I dont have this problem with BFD but ive had it with my halion maps…this always cures the problem

  7. You totally saved my day.. I were about two minutes from making my own, when I found yours. Thank you so much 🙂

  8. I’ve downloaded your maps (thanx). When I load them into Cubase SX they appear on the drum map drop down menu and in the drum editor but I still hear GM map cheesy sounds on playback. (I’m using a demo of BFD)

    Any suggestions?


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