Free VST plugin – Metal Mickey Delay Masher

Its a robotastic-trippy-lazer-glitch-carnival !!.

Metal Mickey is a sequenced, synced delay unit.

An 8 step sequencer drives the delay time. This is the matrix of red LEDs at the top. The delays are synced to host tempo. Changing the matrix values changes delay time for the given sequencer step.

A second sequencer, running at the same speed, controls the delay feedback. This is the row of 8 sliders underneath the Delay time matrix.

The sequencer has a number of features… random stepping, mulitplication and division of speed, adjustable slide (from one value to the next) and an adjustable loop point.

Metal Mickey Delay Masher

The higher delay times can be tuned using the Tuning slider.

The wet signal then passes through a multimode filter, a low pass filter and a high pass filter (this allows you to really ‘shape’ the delay line).

Finally the dry and wet signal can be mixed as required.

There are also 2 dedicated LFOs.

Download Metal Mickey

16 thoughts on “Free VST plugin – Metal Mickey Delay Masher

  1. Hello.
    As a producer (not of the bedroom type πŸ™‚ I have Used metal mickey in many records i made. for drums for guitars for vocals. whenevr i need something intresting happening i call the mickey. i think it’s a fantastic little beast. and you should be proud for making such an inoventive plugin.
    Thank You for your Wonderfull and usefull plugin.
    B.T.W – any connection to the Suede song? Bernard Butler Rules (or at least used to…)


  2. LOOOOOOOOOOVE the Metal Mickey. Thank you for this very unique and most awesome delay. It’s right up there with Retro-Delay in my book. CHEERS!!

  3. Very nice!!!

    Ive benn using it very much and i love it.
    But it would be nice to get a OSX version also.
    I use PC in the studio But Mac on the Road.

    Any thoughts on that?

  4. hi

    i used to use this effect alot along time ago,i just downloadet it again,but now im having problems with it

    it wont show up in renoise 2.6 RC1 and it wont show up in ableton live INTRO 8.1.2 and it freezes audio studio 10

    just wanted to let you know

  5. Such an awesome little machine. I’ve been using this for years and it still surprises me. I just hope it will always be updated so it works with new OS’s cos I’d hate to lose it. Thanks Rozzer for this gem….seriously. It’s awesome.

    1. Thanks Chris. Metal Mickey is nearly 13 years old. Can you believe it? Sadly, I don’t think there will ever be an update. I’ve moved on (to a Mac) and old project files have long been lost. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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