Free VST Plugin – Plugins for Modular Hosts

This is a pack of vst plugins that I made for use in EnergyXT. They should work just aswell in any modular host. There is nothing glamorous about any of these, but they come in useful!

The plugs are:

DJ Crossfader: A simple DJ style crossfader, with 2 stereo inputs and a stereo output [download] [pic]

MidiMon: Displays incoming midi messages. The audio output must be connected in EnergyXT for the monitor to work [download] [pic]

NoteSwitch: Takes a stereo input and passes it though to one of six stereo outputs. The output is selected using the midi notes C3-A3 (TIP: try arpeggiating the output!) [download] [pic]

Switch 6×6: Allows you to route one of six stereo inputs, to one of 6 stereo outputs [download] [pic]

Vector Mixer: Mix up to 4 stereo signals using an X/Y pad (very cool if you have a hardware X/Y controller) [download] [pic]

7 thoughts on “Free VST Plugin – Plugins for Modular Hosts

  1. Crossfader a neat idea and fine with a mouse, but did not seem to respond to a midi input very well – eratic behaviours. Any ideas?

  2. my suggestions for step machine:
    an external control of the seq-clock rate
    (I’ve implement this into my Yamaha CS-30)
    and a start/stop button should be added

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