Free VST plugin – Step Machine – Midi Step Sequencer

Current Version : 0.901 BETA

Step Machine is midi loop sequencer, in the style of a classic analog step sequencer.

To use it your host must support midi output from vst plugins.

As the host plays, you will see the sequencer run through its loop. Pitch, octave, gate, slide and velocity can all be controlled for each step. Along with this there are two assignable midi CC sequencers.

You will also find a complex randomise function and a force-to-scale function (which can be transposed via incoming midi).

Step Sequencer is still in beta, and will probably remain that way, due to instabilities in certain hosts. It has been tested in Cubase SX1 & SX2 and works well in these host.

Download StepMachine

Download StepMachine synthedit project

35 thoughts on “Free VST plugin – Step Machine – Midi Step Sequencer

  1. I’m using this a lot in EnergyXT and it works very well. I really wish you would make a 32 step version of this and perhaps include some more features. I’d gladly pay for an upgrade! It’s a one of a kind.

  2. Your plugin rules !!!
    This is what I was searching for.
    I use FL-Studio and your plugin is stable as hell 🙂
    Thank you !

    Like Paul I’d contribute/donate.

  3. Hey !
    I was already great fan of MetalMickey, and now Step_Machine works fine in Reaper !
    (but i can’t make it work in Live5)

  4. This is fantastic. been looking for a plug-in like this for awhile now. Like the other Paul, I’d love to see you carry on developing it. Working fine in eXT and with eXT Vst in audio mulch.


  5. Hi,

    I’ve no plans to update StepMachine. It’s just too unreliable with different hosts. However I’m quite willing to give the source SynthEdit project to anyone who requests it. So it is, in effect, open source.

    Anyone who is interested is welcome to email me directly.


  6. Hi Rory

    Thanks for letting us know that. Funnily enough I@ve just installed Synth Edit, so I doubt I’d be able to add much to it at present!

    Maybe if you post your offer on KVR someone would be able to take you up on it?



  7. Hi Rory, absolutely LOVE step machine. Would you mind if I took a look at your SynthEdit source for it? I’d love to have a play with it (I couldn’t find your email address here otherwise I would have emailed you directly!)


  8. Hi there,

    I’d love to have a look at the source! I couldn’t find your email address anywhere on this site, so I’m trying it this way.


  9. Wonderful stepsequencer and a good example for software which is easy to use… a gem for musicians because you get superb results with it…

    Many thanks…


  10. Really great!

    The guy who was talking about a 32 steps is right! It would be really interesting but I would’nt pay 😛 (I only want to proof what free vst(i) can do)

    So in another version, It would be nice to introduce a little feature with a few pattern banks 😉
    Like this 32 Steps would be working with this and we could switch to anyone we’d like to.

    Yeah, great tool! I’m still amazed! Good Job!

  11. Simple, stable, effective and to the point.

    I ran it in dual, offset over two stereo
    channels ( with different sequences) in
    order to fake a 32 step; it held.

    Laudits and kudos for all your hard work.

    July 23rd, 2007

  12. Your sequencer interface is completely amazing. Right now working on project somewhat corresponding this for creating VSTi that will be controller for heavily modified EML 200 plus several racks of custom built analog devices for arts grant THX 7.1 surround sound recording. Is there any way can look at your synthedit project because have figured out most everything except how the loop point variables are defined plus the graphical design for piano roll is beautiful for programming samplers. Any evolutions of the project will gladly be shared. All hail the chaotic randomizer feature!!!

  13. The stepsequencer is superb, just as a sequencer has to be. I only have one question: Please think about a way to move the notes, as sometimes a sequences is ok, but does not sounds ok within a song (wrong foot you know), I’d like to have a way to move a complete sequence forward or backward – hope you understand what I mean.
    TIA, Danny

  14. Hi
    It is pity that creator decided do not improve his plugin.

    It is funny, but Rozzer step mashine almost the best which I could find in internet. It needs some improvements, such as add arpeggiator function, save presets etc.

    I really tried a lot steps and arps in internet – Era is too complicated and awful interface, 50% could not work in Cubase, other 50% too simple. There is not good VST step sequencer and arpeggiator in market.

  15. Hi Rozzer

    Love the look of this, this really is the most promising plug of its type out there! But… won’t work in Ableton Live 5, please may i take a peek at the .se source file?


    Tabulex Gamma

  16. Hey Rory,
    the stepmachine surely looks great.. I’ve been working with synthedit a lot also and also have been building my own stepsequencers… Only one problem, they’re far not stable enough for being good sequencers. A ‘little’ out of sync isn’t that bad.. but mine are quite horrible sometimes.. (to even half-notes delay) I was wondering if you had any idea of how I could fix these things? I would also like to have a look at your synthedit project, maybe I can make the 32 (or 64 for all I care) step sequencer..
    Also another tip I’ve been working with lately: instead of using level adjusts being opened by buttons so the counter gate can be send through to the trigger2midi, you can also use Dave Haupts control merger.. with every new trigger on the next pin, this merger puts out a new index value, now you only need to connect your buttons/sliders to many2one or one2many switches and you got a sequencer.. 1: you don’t need such a lot of different modules 2: it’s a lot faster in work flow and you need less patchcables..
    let me know/send me an e-mail about the stepmachine!
    good work!


  17. For all those that have requested the synthedit file recently, appologies if I haven’t replied. Life has been a little busy lately. I’ve uploaded the project file directly and put the link in the main post.

    If it turns out to be of any use to anyone, do let me know 🙂

  18. within tracktion
    this little sequencer is fantasic

    thanks so much for this
    and best of luck in whatever new forms
    your creativity takes

  19. although i find this plug useful, it is causing cubase to crash when i’m trying to write in pattern change automation. if there was a full release of this with improvements i would pay for this sequencer.

  20. I write Acid a track with elements Minimal. Has made in FL a sketch. At carrying over in Ableton, the sheaf of plug-ins Step Machine and Sylenth1.
    The first plays a sequencer role, creates motive for Sylenth1. All it in FL communicated through ports.
    At carrying over in Ableton, it at first did not find Step Machine, then nevertheless has found, but there was a new problem, it does not work, plus to all I can not connect the given plug-ins.
    Prompt who knows as to force to work Step Machine and how to create sheaf Step Machine + Sylenth1

  21. Hello Rozzer

    This plugin’s amazing . I’m using it with my BCR2000 and cubase sx3 , its all fun .

    Could you / someone tell me / explain how to use the assign 1 and 2 cc’s ? How to I set up ? Thanks !!!


  22. I figured it out … Bit newbee …I look for midi standart and found cc 74 is cutoff and 71 reso so if you set up this values , your synth will be controlled every step … So cool

    Thanks amazing tool for free


  23. Hello, does anyone know if this will work with latest Cubase 9.5, and if so, how to get it found recognized?
    I tried copying to C:\Program Files\VSTplugins folder and also to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VstPlugins and scanning and not found? Can someone help? It looks like a cool midi sequencer to try out. Thanks in advance-

  24. Looks like this is a 32-bit dll, and unfortunately Cubase 9.5 no longer supports 32-bit. Hoping someone who followed this in the past did get the open source and has a 64-bit version, maybe??

  25. ok dumb question now. I got this to work via Jbridger, but now I cannot for the life see how to disable a note. It only lets me move to another note on another key row. I just want to be able to turn off note. Any notion>?

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