Free Samples – ATC-1 Analog Bass

Here’s a free pack of 99 bass sounds taken from my Studio Electronics ATC-1.

They are wav files sampled at C2 and are looped nicely. Just fire them into your favourite sampler for some squelchy subby goodness.

Thanks to Francesco, Kriminal and loachm for various format conversions.

Download the wav files here
Download the sfz programs here (just extract to the same dir as the wav files)
Download the samples in Orion format here
Download the kontakt programs here (read the readme.txt for how to install)

24 thoughts on “Free Samples – ATC-1 Analog Bass

  1. thanks

    I just downloaded your samples, i’ll give them a try later in the week.

    I didn’t know WordPress was popular, i guess i better try to figure mine out especiall since i now know you could upload files to it.


  2. Thanks for the comments.

    @marco – I doubt it mate, its a different script

    @justram – Yes I believe you can upload, although I use ftp and then link directly.

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