Free patches – PSP Nitro – 32 Presets

Here’s a mini bank of 32 presets I did for PSP Nitro. It’s a massively underrated multi-fx plugin, with crazy routing possibilities that I’ve only seen in top-end hardware fx boxes. If you’re in the market for a nice multi-fx (sans reverb) then I recommend you check it out, and if you already own it, then what are you waiting for…?

Download the presets

19 thoughts on “Free patches – PSP Nitro – 32 Presets

  1. I’d like to check out your Nitro presets but the link returns a text page of gobbley gook. Is this some Windows format (I run a mac)? Thanks.

  2. Michael – as far as I know it should work fine on mac. It’s an ntb file (Nitro bank). Your browser just doesn’t know what to do with it so it opens it as a text file.

    Try Ctrl-clicking and ‘Save link as…”

  3. I saved the linked bank as .ntb.dms (this is what Safari prompted me to do) and also as .ntb (makes more sense) but neither open up in Nitro. Any ideas?

    (I’ve shared the link to this bank on KVR, so expect a deluge of downloads!)

  4. Thanks for the presets…hey for the Mac guys, just save as Rozzer.dms and drop it into the Library/Audio/Presets/PSPAudioware file and you are good to go.

  5. My apologies to the Mac guys too. It does seem there’s a problem. I’ve mailed PSP to see what the deal is and will report back as soon as I get a reply.

  6. OK, Mac problem is fixed. Anyone who had trouble opening the bank needs to re-download and when you go to open the bank in Nitro, make sure you select ‘All Documents’ from the ‘Enable’ drop-down menu. It works 🙂

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