1176 compressor clone review

This month has been quite fun for new gear. Apart from a Mackie Control and a Line 6 Variax 500, I’ve just taken delivery of this handbuilt Universal Audio 1176LN clone, and boy does it sound SWEET. Anyone who tells you that software plugins can sound just as good as hardware needs their head (or more probably their ears) checking. You can’t go wrong with it, even at extreme settings it just adds warmth, punch and that indescribable analog magic. I might stick some audio examples up if anyone cares for it.

Gotta love the blue VU meters too!

Here are some audio examples. In each of these you will hear a dry loop for 8 bars, then light compression for 8 bars, then heavy compression for 8 bars.

Pop Drums

5 thoughts on “1176 compressor clone review

  1. Wow! it looks amazing. I want one! Where did you order it from?! and how much did you pay for it? (of course, if you don’t mind me asking).

    Please do post some samples, I’d love to hear it…

    – RZ4

  2. A friend of mine built it, he’s uber-talented like that. He’s done quite a few of them now, some of which ended up in top-end studios. I paid about £700 (shh.. don’t tell the Mrs.). An absolute bargain considering a UA 2-1176LN would cost you close to £2k.

    I’ll try and get some samples up over the next day or two 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I just came across your website with your step sequencer (thx for that).
    I have a question re the 1176 clone. Is there a way to buy one from your friend? The unit is stereo, correct? At 700gbp, that sounds very interesting. Let me know If you can, thx

    1. Hi Fred,

      Sorry he doesn’t take commissions. All I can say is that the schematics are out there if you can find a good tech to build you one.


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