Free Samples – Circuitbent Speak N Spell

Here’s a fun sample set I made of a circuitbent Speak N Spell. It was my only foray into circuitbending. Quite fun whilst it lasted, and reasonably sucessful too. So here are two sample sets.

One contains unbent letters and a few words, and the other contains bent, single hits. I’ve included PGM files for the AKAI MPC users, so you get the samples nicely mapped over your MPC pads. For anyone without an MPC, just ignore the PGM files and use the WAV files in your favourite sampler.

Download the kits here

13 thoughts on “Free Samples – Circuitbent Speak N Spell

  1. Dope Sample Set. Just played with these on the MPC. Shit is crazy man. Lookin forward to more stuff by you, and will be browsin the site.

    This shit is crazy.. i wish there were more words on there, but that can come later 🙂 thanks again

  2. rozzer u own! especially in the trunk… what are the well-known artists with the similar style? looking forward for your next masterpiece !

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