Free patches – Kurzweil K26xx Cinematic & Ambient Sounds

The K2661 is taking me a long time to get into. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but it’s deep beast and the learning curve is high.

That said, I’ve had some fun programming it, and here are some of the results. 20 patches, all with a very ambient and filmic edge. I haven’t delved too deep into the VAST algorithms yet, but there are a few nice tricks I’ve discovered (check out the ‘Symphonique’ and ‘Sunset Fade’ patches for some nice random elements). The KDFX is the key to all of these patches, providing some lush long reverbs, so make sure you have the appropriate settings so you can hear the intended KDFX studio.

None of these patches use samples, just the stock K26xx ROMs.

One more thing to mension is that most of the Pad sounds use the Data Slider to alter the Amplitude Envelope times. A good place to start is to put the Data Slider somewhere near the middle.

So prepare to hold some long chords..

Download my K26xx Cinematic & Ambient Bank Here

Or have a listen (all patches recorded straight from the Kurz outputs with no additional effects)…

p.s. check out the new VAST PROGRAMMING forums over at There are some very knowledgable and friendly folks there.

8 thoughts on “Free patches – Kurzweil K26xx Cinematic & Ambient Sounds

  1. Thanks so much for these. Just not enough good different patches floating around for me. Exactly about the learning curve being high. Anyway hopefully you’ll post some more patches, I love them, they are my favorite I have come across.

  2. I have 2 years now K2661, it is an amazing workstation. Your sound are what i have been missing! Thanks a lot! If you need lead like Jens Johansson, i can send it to you.


    Nemanja from Serbia

  3. hi Rozzer,

    having just heard your lush PC3 demo on soundcloud i was hoping to have a look inside some of your patch design for the K26xx, i have a K2600X. The download link seems to be broken though, any chance of a re-up?


  4. sorry Rpry, my mistake, right click and save. just had a play with them and they sound really nice. will dissect in more detail later. thanks for your work and for sharing.

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