Studio Connections GTRC template – Korg Karma

Here is a Yamaha Studio Connections Recall template for the Korg Karma. Again, there’s no extensive documentation on how to get this up and running. Assuming you have Studio Connections installed though, you should unrar this download into “C:Program FilesYAMAHASM2GTRCDevices” and then use the GTRC Manager to enable it.

This template supports dumping of the Current Program or Current Combi. I didn’t implement any other settings as that’s all I ever need. It means I can recall whichever Program or Combi I was using in a particular Cubase song. Great! When you send back the dump, the current Program or Combi will be replaced, but not written to memory.

Any problems leave me a comment here and I’ll get back to you.

Download the Korg Karma Recall Module.

4 thoughts on “Studio Connections GTRC template – Korg Karma

  1. I really hope that you’ll release your Studio Manager template for the DSI Evolver soon. I fumbled around some time and managed to create a template for bank synchronization and for the edit buffer, but what I actually want is just to send and receive a single patch to and from my evolver (and that without hardcoding every single patch number in the template).

  2. Hello Felix,

    I’m afraid the bad news is that the Evolver template doesn’t work too well due to a sysex bug in the Evolver OS (basically some parameters don’t get updated properly when you send sysex dumps so patches get corrupt). I’m not sure if this bug is only on Mono Evolver Keyboards (my model), or if it affects all Evolvers but I won’t be putting it on the site until the problem is fixed. You’re welcome to try the template privately. Maybe it’ll work fine with a MED.

  3. Hi, thanks for your excellent downloads I have recently purchased an Evolver and would really like to see if I can get your recall patch working or at least have it as a learning base for my other synths, is there anywhere you could direct me for information or tutorials on building GTRC Templates ?

    Many Thanks, I hope you have good news…


    1. Hi Sean,

      If I remember correctly the Evolver GTRC template never really worked correctly which is why it never got posted. Rolling your own is reasonable easy if you know a bit about sysex, have the correct sysex documentation and can find your way around the Studio Connections system. It did take me a while. I’ve moved on from Cubase to Ableton Live so I’ve forgotten most of it I’m afraid. The official Studio Connections site is probably the best place to start.

      Hope that helps 🙂

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