My new baby – the Analogue Systems RS8000

It arrived!

I haven’t had a great deal of time to play yet, but initial thoughts are that it oozes analogue character. The oscillators have an insane range (something like 15 octaves). The filters are clean, but very nice sounding. The envelopes could be a little longer, and I can’t for the life of me work out how you reset LFOs, but hell – I’m on a learning curve and it’s all good.

It’s actually quite hard to avoid just patching in regular bass and lead type sounds. If any readers have modulars and want to chime in with a tip or a trick, I’m all ears.

2 thoughts on “My new baby – the Analogue Systems RS8000

  1. During a web-session i stumbled over your blog. Getting a machine like this must be the absolute highlight for you. I can comprehend your feelings very well, not in terms of such big machines but when my (used) MicroQ arrived i was like a child, thinking about nothing – pure feelings of joy.

    By the way, nice demo



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