Yamaha TG33 Demo

I made a little demo of the Yamaha TG33 FM / Waverom synthesizer. Unlike most of the TG33 demos I found on youtube, this one is definitely aimed at anyone making electronic music. For old synths like this the ‘flicking through presets’ style of youtube demo does little to show potential. So you won’t hear any factory presets, all the sounds are programmed and 100% unique (oooh).

The major source of fun is the vector joystick, with which you can create evolving sounds that go from crunchy 12bit samples to clean sparkly FM tones. It’s no powerhouse however, the FM is limited, there are no filters and the onboard effects are extremely limited. I don’t mind any of that, in fact I think its charm is born from its limitations and as a result, it’s pretty easy to program.

This piece was recorded in 3 takes. Everything you hear is from the TG33. The note sequences were programmed in a Sequentix P3 sequencer and looped. The development of sound is caused entirely by twiddling the TG33’s joystick and sometimes changing waverom and FM algorithms on the fly. The three takes (one drone and two melodic sequences) were then layered up in Ableton Live and some delay was added just for ambience.

The TG33 is a great little synth, and can be found for almost silly prices.

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  1. Brilliant mate I want to get one but can’t find any in the uk there is some onlibe but they are in America and Korea so postage is high and they are over priced πŸ™

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