Hardcore you know the score!

Tongue firmly in cheek…

I’ve been listening to a lot of old rave tunes lately, and for a long time I’ve been thinking it might be fun to write one. To make it more interesting, I used only one bit of software, FXpansion’s Geist. No host, no other plugins, no hardware.

Geist is the perfect sampler for this. It’s not unlike using an MPC in terms of features and workflow and a fair few rave tunes were written with them back in the day, along with trackers and Atari STs, neither of which I have access to or any desire to meddle with ever again.

Because I’m feeling the old skool love, here is the Geist preset for this tune. It will even load in the demo version. Now, I’m off to find my white gloves and whistle…

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