Live electronica: rozz3r – Bonfire Calm

Getting away from the Mac/PC to make music is a joy. In the last year or so I’ve been making gear purchases with the goal of writing electronic music ‘live’, with the computer doing nothing except acting as a glorified tape recorder. The whole rig is based around a Sequentix P3 sequencer which provides a gloriously stable midi clock as well as midi sequences. The nice thing about the P3 is it can do generative sequencing in quite a controlled manner, which suits my repetitive yet evolving music style.

My various synths and effect boxes are hooked up to a Soundtracs Topaz 24 track mixer, which allows me to do dub-style ‘playing the mixer’, riding faders and jamming with effects sends, feedback loops etc. The cast list is pretty much this:

– Sequentix P3
– Suzuki SX-500 (poly analog)
– Kurzweil PC3
– Moog Little Phatty
– Dave Smith Evolver
– Eurorack Modular
– Korg ER-1
– Kurzweil Mangler
– Eventide TimeFactor
– Eventide Space
– hand built dual 1176 compressor clone
– Golden Age Pre-73 Mic pre-amp

The video is really my first attempt at using all this together and performing a song live. It uses pretty much everything on the list above except the Kurzweil PC3 and the Evolver. The modular is doing the melody, the ER1 is on drums (going through the Pre-73 and the 1176 to give it some balls), the SX500 is doing chords and the Moog I play live. The Eventide Space is doing all the reverb work. I used Presonus’s Studio One 2 to record everything to separate audio tracks and then did some basic mix tweaking. No additional effects were used. I’m new to Studio One and I’m impressed so far, I haven’t had to look at the manual once, which means they got it right. It also feels solid and hasn’t crashed once.

This experiment was proof of concept really, I have a Dave Smith Tempest on the way which will make drum performances a lot more fun and dynamic. I also need to use Parts on the Sequentix more in order to make more structured changes in the song progression. A better camera angle might not go amiss either.

Expect more live jams soon 🙂

4 thoughts on “Live electronica: rozz3r – Bonfire Calm

  1. Like it. Nice to see how electronic soundscapes can be generated live! real instruments would make that ‘music’ and ‘played’ instead of ‘sounds’ and ‘generated’ but you’re getting there! Ha ha! Just kidding. I really like it!

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