Live electronica: rozz3r – Waiting for a Storm

Another live jam from the lab.

Korg ER-1: Drums (through 1176 compressor)
Moog Little Phatty: Bass
Suzuki SX-500: Melody 1
Yamaha TG-33: Melody 2
DSI Evolver: Melody 3
Eurorack Modular: Crazy blip sequences
Eventide Space: Reverb
Eventide TimeFactor: Delay
Kurzweil Mangler: Big dubby falling delay

All recorded via the Soundtracs Topaz to Presonus Studio One. Some minor tweaks and a couple of edits after recording.

I still haven’t found a better camera angle.

2 thoughts on “Live electronica: rozz3r – Waiting for a Storm

  1. Bloody excellent … I really enjoyed that.
    Are you running a stereo mix into your DAW from the board or direct outs on each channel?

  2. I record direct outs from each track into Studio One, much more flexible that way and it means I can come back and do ‘proper’ mixes for an EP or album later on.

    Thanks for the kind comments 🙂

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