Sampling the Macbeth M5

Boxed Ear has released it’s first product, the Mighty M5, a Kontakt sample pack made entirely with the mighty Macbeth M5 synthesizer. The M5 is a huge synth, both physically and sonically. Sampling it has been no small feat!

The M5’s sound is characterised by its full, rich bass, crystal high end and distinctly analog tone. Even the raw waveforms sound gorgeous with no filtering or modulation. Huge basses and leads, luscious pads, electric pianos, drums, one-shot effects, and crazy modular bleep and bloops are all included in the pack.

In short, this is an amazing sounding sample pack from an amazing sounding synth. Mr Ken Macbeth himself has endorsed the pack, something I’m immensely proud of.

Do please check it out and let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Sampling the Macbeth M5

  1. Grabbed this after stumbling across your live jam videos (which are really cool, very enviable kit!). Dug the demos, so bought it. It’s very nice indeed, hugely enjoyable sounds.

    I’m a synth sound designer myself, so don’t often buy synth sounds – but had to make an exception this time round! Great work.

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