Studio planning

I bought a new A frame keyboard stand a couple of weeks ago, and the inevitable tear-down and re-build of the studio led me to rethink the layout a little. Everything is back up and running now so I put together a little connection diagram using Plogue Bidule. The Bidule patch doesn’t do anything, it’s purely for reference, and it’s pretty flowing cables. I’m throwing it up as I find these things fascinating so maybe someone else might too (or perhaps I’m just really good at procrastinating).

Left side with solid connection cables is audio. Right side with dotted cables is MIDI.

Anyone else do this kind of thing? If so what apps do you use for layout?

One thought on “Studio planning

  1. Interesting. I used an Illustrator file to figure out how to physically rearrange my setup in a recent move, with to-scale rectangles depicting my synths to see where they lie, but I wish I had thought of this I think I have my patchbay wired with the least possible audio/cable tangles, but this is a great call…

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