New rozz3r album: rarities

I’ve released a new album.

I say “new”, it’s actually a collection of songs I wrote between 1996 and 2006, none of which have ever been released in any official capacity. It came about in an odd way. My wife was complaining that she could never listen to any of my songs and so I promised to make her a CD. It turned into a mammoth archiving mission where I discovered songs I hadn’t heard in years and surprised myself by how good some of them were. I had no intention of releasing anything publicly, but as the CD took shape I realised that I was sitting on a album’s worth of great stuff.

15 years ago websites such as bandcamp didn’t exist. Sure, there was or maybe myspace in an early form, but the whole concept of artists taking control of the sale of their art was still hazy. So, whilst it was never my intention to make a retrospective album, that is exactly what I’ve done.

Have a listen or buy it here.

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