This EP is an experiment in productivity. Written over a month, the four songs (and one ambient drone) were all performed live and recorded straight to a cassette tape (with a broken Fast Forward). The idea was to remove the computer entirely from the creative process and it was pretty successful.  You can really hear that this was recorded to cassette and whilst I wouldn’t want to record all my work this way, I rather like the sonic quality tape imparts. As a result of this I’m on the lookout for a reel to reel.

Now for the usual gear list:

Sequentix P3/Cirklon (sequencing)
Yamaha CS5 (bass)
DSI Prophet 12 / Suzuki SX-500 / Yamaha TX81Z (poly synth)
Eurorack modular (for allsorts!)
Akai MPC60 / MPC1000 / Korg ER-1 (drums)
Akai S5000 / Yamaha A5000 / Roland VP9000
Sountracs Topaz 8 (mixing desk)
Eventide Space / Timefactor (reverb / delay)
UA 1176 clone / Kurzweil Mangler / Lexicon PCM70 / Dynacord VRS23 (other outboard effects)
Yamaha MT4X (cassette recorder)

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