Bleve EP

An EP of ambient melodic techno. Influenced by early RDJ work I guess. I think you can hear the influence. Different to my last tape based adventures. Again, the Sequentix Cirklon is at the heart of everything (I don’t see this changing anytime soon) but there’s been a bit of a change in the gearlist, mainly a new mixer but a few new synths and samplers as well. See if you can spot a sonic signature.

Sequentix P3/Cirklon (sequencing)
Korg MS20 / Vermona Perfourmer mkII (monosynth stuff)
Yamaha TX81Z / Yamaha DX100 (FM abounds!)
Eurorack modular (forever the chameleon in the studio)
Roland R8 MkII / Korg ER-1 (drums)
Akai S5000 / Yamaha A5000 / Roland VP9000 / Akai S950 (sampler duties)
Midas Venice F24 (mixing desk)
Eventide Space / Alesis QuadraVerb+ / Timefactor (reverb / delay)
UA 1176 clone / Kurzweil Mangler / Dynacord VRS23 (other outboard effects)
Presonus Studio One (DAW)
FXpansion / SoundToys / iZotope (plugins for mixing)

A couple of the tracks on this EP are also available as video jams:

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