Free patches – Yamaha TX81Z sound bank

It’s been a while since I uploaded any free sounds to the site, so time to rectify that with 32 lovely sounds for the TX81Z.

The Yamaha TX81Z is a wee beastie. Grungy, lo-fi, 4-op FM in a single 1u rack. It’s a pain in the backside to program unless you can get a software editor up and running, in which case it’s quite easy (I recommend TX81Z Programmer, it’s Windows only but it works via Wine or VMWare Fusion on the Mac just fine).

The TX81Z is somewhat famous for it’s “Lately Bass” preset which is ubiquitous in 90s dance music. It’s also capable of eerie pads, biting leads and some lovely pluck type sounds.

So here’s my little bank of sounds, in sysex format. Just use your favourite MIDI application to play the file at the TX81Z and make sure “Exclusive” is ON in the Utility/MIDI Control section on the unit.

Download the bank here. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Free patches – Yamaha TX81Z sound bank

  1. Nice

    I love my tx81z, I should really share my patches somewhere

    I’ll give these a whirl happy thanks man

    Great review on the Ob6

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