Live electronica: Dusk

Dark and repetitive this one. Midas Venice F24 deskSequentix Cirklon (sequencing)Akai MPC60 / Novation DrumStation (drums heavily processed through Sherman Filterbank)Korg MS20 (percussion sequence)Yamaha TX81Z (pads)Yamaha A5000 (drone bass originally from modular)Siel EX-80 (lead)Eurorack modular (hihats and randoms)Eventide Space (reverb)Eventide TimeFactor (delays)


No FFWD by rozz3r This EP is an experiment in productivity. Written over a month, the four songs (and one ambient drone) were all performed live and recorded straight to a cassette tape (with a broken Fast Forward). The idea was to remove the computer entirely from the creative process and it was pretty successful.… Read More No FFWD EP